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3D Dolphins puts the most graceful and intelligent creature on your desktop
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From all the creatures that inhabit the underwater world, there is one that has always been famous for being considered one of the most intelligent animals.
And it is not a fish but a mammal.
Do you know which one I am talking about?
Yes, you are right: the Dolphin.

3D Dolphins puts the most graceful and intelligent animal on your desktop.

This beautiful screensaver will put you a SCUBA diving suit and take you on a journey to discover the beauties of the underwater world.
You will be transported to a warm ocean with crystal clear water, where you will be able to see and enjoy all the spectacular views of this mysterious world.

You will be located in a shallow part of the sea, where you can see the rays of light filtering through the water creating awesome light effects.
All of a sudden, a big shadow darts in front of you. And then another. And another one.
The magnificent dolphin has appeared in front of you.
You can see many of these amazing animals, swimming gracefully in the water, making their characteristic noise. Some people say it is a kind of a sonar system to detect objects. Some say it is real communication among them.
What is for sure, is that most people can recognize the sound immediately, and know it is from a dolphin swimming nearby.

The whole sea bottom is beautiful. You will be able to see different kinds of tropical fish of many colors. Swimming gently, almost motionless, along your screen.
You will also see different kinds of coral heads and sponges, as well as some aquatic plants that adorn the place.
Suddenly, a dolphin passes by. You are still looking at it, when another one crosses the screen very fast. And yet another swims in front of you and does a couple of graceful maneuvers.
All the time you will be listening to the cries of the dolphins, plus the sounds made by water and bubbles.
The scene is so realistic that you can almost feel the coolness of the water on your whole body.

3D Dolphins will definitely attract the attention of everyone that walks by your computer.
You will stay watching it for hours, just enjoying the beauty of these creatures.

Fernando Soni
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